3 Areas of Your Home to Install Stone Tile

Have you found yourself glued to the computer, wishing you could achieve the perfect mix of rustic and cozy décor in your home that you see on Pinterest? Stone tile is a great way to achieve a rustic feel in any room of your home without having to install heavy masonary stone. If you’re ready to start the design process of your new rustic space, consider installing stone tile in these areas of your home.

stone backsplash  stone floor


There are various ways to incorporate stone tile into your kitchen’s design. Two of our favorite (and easiest!) ways to use the rustic element is in your kitchen’s flooring and backsplash design. Together, the stone elements, polished appliances, and wood cabinets will achieve the perfect balance of contemporary and rustic that feels natural and unforced.

If you have space above your oven, this is a great place to get creative with the design of the stone. Adding a border and changing the direction the tile is laying will add element in the larger area.

Living Room

One of the most popular areas inside of a home to incorporate stone tile is around the fireplace. The combination of the neutral, earth-toned stone tile and sparkling fireplace will create cozy atmosphere in your living space. Utilizing stone in the design of your fireplace front will add a unique design element to the space that guests will compliment for years to come! Think of it as a piece of art.

stone bathroom


Looking to create a bathroom space with a lot of “wow” factor? Incorporate stone tile into your design! As a multi-functional material, placing stone on the walls, floors, and in your shower is a no-brainer. With their smaller size, bathrooms are a great area of the home to make a statement with the materials you use. If you’re daring enough, choose a neutral stone tile and have it installed floors to ceiling. The outcome with be uniform, clean, and will be in style for years to come!

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