6 Ideas for Incorporating Tile Into Your Home Design

Whether it is for walls, flooring, or a decorative accent, tiling is a functional material that adds a sharp look to any room. The best part is there’s no limit to what tile can be used for in a home! If you’re looking to incorporate tile into your next home improvement project, check out these creative ideas for using tile.


Thanks to its water resistance, tile flooring is often considered the best option for kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and any other area with a potential for moisture. Along with its water resistance, tile is also one of the most durable choices for flooring. Tile floors are easy to clean, and not susceptible to stains or aging. If you are not looking to tile a whole room, you might consider a tiled entryway as a practical and stylish accent, as well as a way to save the rest of your houses floors from the damage of dirty shoes!

Feature Wall

If you’re looking to add an interesting touch to a room with a plain architectural layout, consider tiling an accent wall. Unlike wallpaper, tile won’t peel or scuff over time. Since tiles come in all colors, shapes, and styles, you will have no problem creating a design to fit your style!

Kitchen Backsplash

You might choose to add a backsplash to your entire kitchen, one wall, or just tile the area behind your stove or sink. Again because of its durability, tile is a good idea for areas that might be prone to everyday cooking splatters. A tiled backsplash can easily add a pop of color, texture, or pattern to a kitchen for a new focal point you will love looking at!


Tiling can be an interesting alternative to the traditional brick fireplace. If you are looking to preserve your current fireplace but add a unique accent to the room, consider installing a tiled backsplash behind the fireplace – no, backsplashes aren’t just limited to the kitchen!

Shower Floor & Walls

Just like tile is easy to clean for flooring, it is a durable and easy to clean material for a shower. Tile showers are also hugely customizable and aesthetically pleasing, especially compared to plastic or porcelain. Match your shower tiles with your bathroom flooring for a seamless & chic bathroom design!


A tiled outdoor patio is a stunning addition to your space and will maximize your homes potential for outdoor entertainment. Instead of a fire pit, you could even choose to add a tiled outdoor fireplace. Just like indoors, the size and color of tiles outside the home can be completely customized to your style.