Bathroom Shower Design Ideas

Ever body dreams of having a spa-like bathroom and an equally pleasing shower. Many homeowners having difficulties looking past was is there and thinking about what the space could be post-renovation. The neat thing about showers is that they can easily be fit into the nooks and crannies of a bathroom space, where you wouldn’t even think of without a little help from our design team.

Corner Shower

Showers can fit in the most uneven spaces, but there at least needs to be space for you to stand under the shower head. This shower mix between the stone flooring and the subway tile walls give the space a bright, modern feel.

Shower with Seat

This classic walk in shower features elongated tiles that give the space a clean, conservative look that will never go out of style.

Shower Cave

The classic tiles moving into an intricate design with smaller tiles, especially on the ceiling, make the space cozy and spa-like.

Marble Shower

Classic marble on shower walls isn’t used all too often but it makes a statement. The various shower heads, floating shelves, and color scheme of the entire bathroom make this light, bright, and airy shower timeless and on trend for years to come.

Subway Tile Shower

Subway tile is a classic look has been used for decades.  The timeless feel of subway tile is now available in new and unique shapes, sizes, colors, and finishes.  Whether your home is older or a new build, subway tile in the shower will never look out of place.

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