Benefits of Granite Tiles and Countertops

graniteEver wonder why granite is so popular?  One reason why is that granite adds value and elegance to any room.

Granite is great for tiles or counter tops due to its resistance to acids and its hardness. Granite is very durable, and has many color options. Ideally, granite is a great choice for kitchen counter tops. However, granite can be used in floors for rooms that have a lot of foot traffic such as bathrooms.  This is because granite is known to be very resistance to staining, and cracking.

Granite counter tops are always a great investment for your kitchen or bathroom, because of their classy look and their easy maintenance. To clean granite, all you need to use is a non-abrasive, neutral cleaner or use warm water and soap. If you really want to have your granite to accent your room, keeping it looking like new is the way to go. To do this, polish your granite occasionally so it’s kept smooth and reflective. Because of the characteristics of granite, it is one of the most requested tile we get along with ceramic.

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