Benefits of Heated Floor Tiles

With the weather cooling down at a rapid rate, you may be thinking about installing heated tiles in your bathrooms and kitchens!

No one likes to get out bed in the morning or cook meals on an ice-cold floor. Tiles especially remain cooler to the touch, which can be tough during a cold winter. This method of heating your room can be effective on your energy costs as well!

Benefits of installing a heated floor include;


  1. Even heat dispersion – When the floor is heated, the room can be evenly warmed up, instead of simply heating one area. With forced air, the air tends to sit at the top of the room, while leaving the floor cold.
  2. Heated floors are excellent for bathrooms! While you are showering, you can turn on your heat, and the room will be heated within an hour!
  3. Options – The good thing with heated tile flooring is that you have a couple of options when it comes to installation. There is electric radiant floors and hydronic systems.


Hydronic Systems – This type of system flooring uses polyethylene tubing that is placed underneath the floor. Hot water then flows in this tubing to heat up the tiles. What makes this type of installation popular is the fact that over time, your energy costs will decrease. This heating can be used to in any room of your house but is commonly used in bathrooms.


Electric Radiant Floors – This type of flooring works well for any type of room in your home. This flooring uses heat-conducting mats that contain copper resistance wires to heat up the floor.

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