Benefits of Porcelain Tiles in Your Bathroom

bathroomIf you are thinking about redoing your bathroom in the near future, you’ve probably begun making some decisions about the finishes you would like to go with. Porcelain tile is an incredibly popular choice for bathroom flooring and, as you continue reading this guide, you will discover why. There are a host of great reasons to select a porcelain tile for your upcoming bathroom renovation.

Hundreds of styles

No matter what look you’re going for in your bathroom, there are sure to be porcelain tiles that perfectly fit your vision. Whether you are interested in brightly colored tiles that will give your space an eclectic feel or sleek neutral tiles that will work in an ultra-modern room, porcelain is the way to go.

Unlikely to mold

Some materials, including certain natural stones, are extremely porous. This means they tend to hold onto moisture, making them likely to mold or mildew at some point. Because porcelain is dense, it doesn’t absorb water and, therefore, is quite unlikely to develop a mold problem. This means you won’t have to worry about replacing it due to an infestation; this can be both costly and frustrating for homeowners.

No special care required 

Wood and most natural stone surfaces, including marble, require special care, particularly in moist bathroom spaces. One major benefit of porcelain tile is that it is very easy to maintain. It doesn’t need to be sealed or be specially cleaned. Instead, you can simply wipe it down with soap and water or your preferred household cleaner when it becomes dirty.

Incredible durability

Porcelain tile is noted for its durability. You can trust that it won’t crack or break easily. This is good news in bathrooms where heavy items, such as hairdryers and straighteners, could accidentally be dropped on the floor. Some types of natural stone tile would crack under this impact, but not porcelain. For families, porcelain tile is the perfect, durable choice.

Easy installation

For a reputable contractor, installing a porcelain tile is a fairly easy job. This is good news for you because it means your labor charges won’t be as high as they would be for a more challenging material. It does, however, bear noting that your final cost will also take the square footage of your bathroom into consideration, so the bigger it is, the more you will pay.

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