First Visit Hints

1. Select your counter top and cabinetry first. Most stone/quartz counter top fabricators will give you a sample of your slab to shop with. If you are choosing another type of counter surface, you will also have the opportunity to get samples to shop with as well.

2. Once you have purchased these components you are ready for your supporting partner, the tile for back splashes, bathrooms, floors and other flooring options.

3. Remember to bring samples of the counter top, a cabinet door or cabinet sample, any fabrics and pottery that you want to consider in that space.

4. What if you don’t have a sample of the counter top? No problem, just take a photograph for us so that we can help you select and design a beautiful space.

5. Visit our website for inspiration.

6. Call us for an appointment. While an appointment is not necessary, it is helpful to get undivided attention, especially if you are looking to create an elaborate design, or have many areas to work on simultaneously.

What if you are just replacing a floor or back splash?

1. Photographs help us to hone in on color and texture, and helps your designer create a space unique to you and
your home.

2. Again, remember to bring in samples of any fabrics, cabinetry, or any other items you want to incorporate in
your space.