How to Have a Stress-Free Bathroom Remodel

Is your bathroom outdated and provide little storage options? Remodeling your bathroom can bring it from being outdated to modern and clean. Remodels can create space and storage options you didn’t have before and will entice you to spend more time in the space than you ever had before. The downside to remodels, big or small, is the stress. Whether it’s your budget, the renovation time period, or finding the right design for your space, Tiles Gone Wild has worked on numerous bathroom remodels over the years and we understand how stressful they can be.

When it comes to renovating your space, take the following into consideration:

Bathroom TileBe realistic

Having a realistic outlook on your space and the outcome of your remodel is crucial during any remodel. If you have a small cramped bathroom, it’s going to take more time and money to expand it. There are limits when it comes to moving things around and expanding a space. Be realistic about your budget and the outcome. Starting your remodel with realistic expectations will save you from disappointment and costly fixes down the line. Working with Tiles Gone Wild, we can give you an accurate cost when it comes to making changes to you tile, stone, glass, and resilient flooring, shower wall, and bathroom wall remodels.

Have a budget + a little more for unforeseen issues

A budget can put constraints on your design ideas but it’s crucial to have one in place so you’re not stuck trying to pay for your updates down the line. There are numerous options out there, especially for surface remodeling, that don’t require you to sacrifice style or quality in your remodel.

Many unforeseen issues will come up in remodels depending on the project you take on. By having a buffer in your budget for these issues that might come up eliminate having to take items off your remodel list.

Bathroom Tile Installation ExampleDo your homework

Whenever you are remodeling any space in your home or changing out surface materials, be sure to research the materials that are being used, the contractor, and the timeline of the project. Look online for reviews, testimonials, and project portfolios to get a good idea of what to expect from your remodel. Your contract should be experienced and willing to work with you to make your vision a reality. Ask questions about the quality and lifespan of the products being used, how long the remodel will take, and if plumbing will have to be moved.


When it comes to your next bathroom remodel, call Tiles Gone Wild at (978) 462-9453 for your floor, shower wall, and tub surrounding updates!