How to Select the Right Tile

Tile ShowroomThere are a lot of tile options out there but not all tile is created equally. Although similar, there are a lot of small differences between the different tile materials that can make a huge impact on your space. When deciding on tile for your home, it’s important to take the following factors into consideration.


Tile is a very durable material but not all tile materials are equally as durable. For high traffic areas (floors and kitchen counters) you’ll want a tile that more durable, scratch resistant, and stain proof. For fireplace fronts, walls, and shower walls, you have a wider range of options since these are not high traffic surfaces.


Porcelain tiles are water and stain resistant, making them extremely popular for use in bathrooms on the floors and in showers. Since bathrooms tend to be wet places porcelain is a great option for your next bathroom renovation, is easy to clean, and will last for years to come.

Natural Stone

Known for being extremely durable, natural stone tiles can be utilized both indoors and outdoors. With the New England climate being so severe, stone tiles are not recommended to be place where they will be exposed to water and ice. In these situations, we highly recommend using a frost proof porcelain tile. Natural stone can scratch, but over the years are left with a natural looking patina that leaves you with a timeless feel.  Although porcelain may wear better, it is tough to match the natural beauty of a real stone.  The sealers used on stone now last longer and protect better as well.

Choosing a Size

From small mosaic sizes to large panels, Tiles Gone Wild carries a variety of tile sizes, making easier for you to find a design that works well for you and the space you want to install tile in. If you want to limit the amount of grout lines and help a room appear larger, select a larger sized tile.

The Rules of Color

The color tile you use in your home is a personal preference, but keep in mind:

  • Light colored tile makes a room look and feel larger
  • Dark colors make a room feel warm and hide dirt very well
  • Bright colors are trendy and let you add character to a space
  • Natural colors allow you to change your rooms design without changing the tile

Texture Tips

Tile that is textured or has a matte finishing on it tends to be less slippery than tiles that are smooth and shiny. When selecting tile for areas that are prone to moisture, like the kitchen or bathroom, keep this in mind to avoid accidents and falls.

Selecting Grout

Grout shouldn’t merely be looked at as a mortar for tile but should be looked at as a design aspect. Grout can have a significant impact on the look and feel of a room and with a large variety of color options, selecting the right grout color can be overwhelming. Our team at Tiles Gone Wild will be able to help you select the right grout color for your tile depending on what you’re looking for!

For your text tile project, give Tiles Gone Wild a call at (978) 462-9453 or stop by our design showroom today!