How to Use Tile in Small Bathrooms

Just because a bathroom is small does not mean that a quality tile installation can’t make it feel more luxurious! Small bathrooms can easily look like luxury spaces with the right tile choice. Certain tile styles can even make the space appear larger than it is, and become an asset to your space. Have a tiny bathroom? Check out these ideas for incorporating tile into your new design!

Large Tiles

A small space will benefit from a large tile. Larger tiles mean fewer grout lines to break up your line of vision, and they create a less visually cluttered wall or floor space. Smalls tiles are not out of the question, but must be used cautiously, as they can create a grid-like appearance that can make you feel boxed into the space. If you have already fallen in love with a smaller tile, consider using that design on one area of the room and incorporating a larger tile into the rest of the space.

White Tile

Lighter wall and floor colors open up a space and make it feel larger than if you were to choose a darker shade. White tiles look crisp, and will have your bathroom looking larger than it actually is! This is also a versatile option that allows you the freedom of choosing whatever color fixture & decor you wish and never risking a clash.

Herringbone Pattern

The diagonal direction of a herringbone pattern can create visual interest and is more elongated than square or straight laid tile. If you are looking to use a smaller tile, placing it herringbone style is a great way to still make sure it elongates the room.

Use a Glossy Finish & Light Grout

A glossy or pearled tile finish will reflect natural or artificial light and make a small room seem bigger. At the same time, lighter colored grout will break up the wall less than a darker option. Remember to think light & bright in your design!

Choosing the Right Tile

The goal when redesigning a small space is to visually expand the room. Although these tips will help you, the best way to create a luxury space with your new redesign is to consult the professionals. At Tiles Gone Wild, our designers have decades of experience creating dream homes for clients! Come visit our showroom or give us a call at 978-462-9453 to see how we can turn your vision for your bathroom into a reality.