Important Tips For Cleaning Tile Flooring

Tile flooring is one of the best investments you can make in your home thanks to its durability, easy care requirements, and timeless style. Although tile floors can take a beating, they should be regularly cleaned to ensure hygiene in your home and keep them looking new for as long as possible. Check out these tips for keeping up with your tile floors!

Sweep Regularly

Regular sweeping is key for the upkeep of various types of flooring, especially in homes with high traffic passing through every day. Debris won’t necessarily get ground into tiles as it does with other softer flooring materials. With certain types of tile, however, leaving dust & dirt particles will eventually dull their wax coating and leave them looking less sharp with time. Sweeping will pick up debris instead of allowing it to be ground against the tile.

Mop Properly

Mopping will eliminate grime from building up on your tile floors. If you are in the kitchen, it will eliminate food residue that might not be visible. In a bathroom, mopping your tile flooring is important to prevent the spread of germs, and it will eliminate build-up from beauty products that leave your floors looking dull. Microfiber or a similar material that picks up dirt will work best for tile floors instead of sponge mops, which tend to push dirt further into the grout.

Use The Best Cleaning Solutions

Both what type of mop and what type of cleaner you work with are important for your tile floors. To eliminate beauty product buildup, caked-on food debris, and everyday dirt, a gentle solution will work fine. You might mix dish soap, white vinegar, or a manufacturer recommended cleaning solution with water. Regardless of what cleaning solution you use, be sure to do a clean water mop after washing to eliminate soap residue, which causes fading.

Clean Out The Grout

Clean grout is one of the most important aspects of the fresh aesthetic of tile. Commercially available grout cleaner works well, or you may clean grout with either a bleach solution or baking soda mixture. Don’t forget to wear gloves when working with these products! For tough stains, you can scrub the spots with a nylon brush or toothbrush.