Incorporating Design Elements in your Bathroom Redesign

One of our favorite areas of the home to tile is the bathroom. Why you ask? Everyone has at least one bathroom in their home and are a space that is a necessity. Since bathrooms are typically the smallest space in one’s home and are a part of life, they are often looked over and not as visually pleasing as the other parts of a house. The great part of bathrooms is that there are so many tile design options that can transform an ordinary space into an extraordinary space filled with wow-factor. With the right color scheme and the right tile design, the space can instantly look larger and more elegant, no matter the size!

We recently completed a bathroom tile installation in Rye, New Hampshire, and every detail compliments each other perfectly.

Bathroom Tile

Bathroom Tile

When redesigning your bathroom take these design aspects into consideration to create a jaw-dropping space:

  • Tile on the walls. Tile is traditionally a flooring material but as new trends and designs emerge, using it on other areas such as on the walls, creates a space filled with personality.
  • Non-traditional patterns. Instead of traditional square tiles in a basic pattern, switch it up by having tiles laid in a diamond, herringbone, or a vertical pattern. Mixing things up with catch your visitors eye.
  • Don’t forget there is an opportunity for design everywhere. Bathrooms are often overlooked from a design standpoint because they are a necessary part of the home and not a space that is enjoyed by a group of people at once. When you are re-designing your bathroom, keep in mind that the space is just another design opportunity and take advantage of every crevice!

For more bathroom design inspiration visit our gallery or call us today to discuss the details of your bathroom tile redesign!