Reasons to Hire a Flooring Professional

Many home improvement projects can be tackled by homeowners themselves, but flooring is typically not one of them. Turning your flooring replacement into a do-it-yourself project might appear to be a money-saving trick, but could ultimately leave you spending more time on the project than necessary, and without the end result you are hoping for. Professional flooring installation will save you time and stress, and you will end up with stellar results.


While the professionals make it look easy, there are many steps required in a floor replacement job. These steps may seem like a simple and well-oiled machine when the pros do it, but for someone with no prior flooring experience, it will take considerably longer. Beware: this will leave your home under construction and in disarray for days or even weeks longer than if you hired an expert team!

Debris Removal

A significant part of the flooring replacement process is tearing up the old floors and removing the debris. If you choose to do this yourself, you will need to consider the additional step of what you will do to dispose of the old flooring. For some hardwood materials, burning is an option, but for carpet and other flooring types you will either end up hauling it away to a dump or renting a disposal container to put it in. This means an extra step and a separate cost for you. Choosing a flooring professional means they will cover this step for you, from the physical removal to the disposal of materials.

Quality Materials

Flooring professionals keep up with the trends and know what materials will look best and last the longest. They also have easy access to these materials and have the option of a full showroom with samples, making sure you are getting exactly what you want. If you do the project yourself, you will likely base your choice on online reviews and information. This can end up with decent materials, but you could easily skip the “research” phase and get the best selection at your fingertips with flooring experts!

Professional Installation

Along with stylish and quality materials, installation is the key to reaching an incredible end result in a flooring project. While you might have never installed flooring before, flooring professionals like Tiles Gone Wild have expert teams with decades of experience in installing tile, carpet, resilient flooring, and more. Doing it yourself will be a learning process along the way, and might not bring you spectacular results. Industry professionals can get the job done quickly, efficiently, and with no speed bumps along the way.

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