Subway Tile: A Timeless and Elegant Choice

Subway tile has been a popular as far back as the 1800s, when the Victorians prized the 3” x 6” rectangles as a durable and low-maintenance solution for laying tile. Subway tile has just recently begun to re-experience a big surge in popularity, with its versatile rectangles showing up bathrooms and kitchens in all kinds of styles from traditional to chic and ultra modern. Named after its original usage in New York’s brand new subway system in 1904, the design was chosen to minimize staining and be easy to clean – which makes subway tile as perfect for New York’s subway system as it is for your kitchen floor, backsplash, or bathroom.

After a slight dip in popularity in the mid-20th century, subway tile is back with a fervor. Subway tile is prized for its timeless design aesthetic and ultimate functionalism, being one of the easiest surfaces to clean and maintain. You can commonly see subway tile in the white running bond pattern, but many stylish variations exist like in herringbone or beveled patterns, letting subway tile cover a wide range of functions in any home. Design experts constantly praise subway tile for being sleek, sophisticated, and a timeless addition to any room in your home.

Try Subway Tile in Herringbone style for Your Kitchen Backsplash:

oven backsplash in vertical zig zag pattern


Subway Tile For Your Bathroom Shower:

shower with glass door


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