The Benefits of Stone Tile Flooring

With many options available to you for flooring such as tile, glass or carpet, how do you choose? Before choosing what you would like on your floors, make sure to research all options!

For tiles, stone tiles tend to be your best bet and here’s why.

  1. They are durable. They are also scratch and scuff resistant, a quality that is necessary for a high traffic area, such as bathrooms and kitchens. If the tile happens to get scratched, you can polish it. Aside from regular washing, there is very little maintenance associated with stone tiles.
  2. The tiles have many design options and they give a polished appearance. You can choose between slate or granite, and many more. There is a wealth of options that will compliment your home décor.
  3. The stones are versatile and can be placed anywhere, indoors or out.
  4. If you were to sell your home, these tiles would increase your home’s value.
  5. In an environment where many businesses and homes are becoming Eco-friendly, your tiles will be as well. It is also very easy to find and purchase the tiles, because they come from nature.

While at times these stone tiles can be costly, they are well worth it in the end due to the benefits they will provide. In the colder months you can place rugs on the floors, or even install heated floors, which can cut down on your heating bills. In the summer months, the stone helps to keep your space cooler. When comparing the stone with carpeting, the stone floors are a much better alternative because they are easy to clean! Carpeting can trap allergens and dirt that is difficult to remove. Tile floors are easily washed, vacuumed and dried.

If you are interested in learning more about stone flooring, or installing tiles in your home, call us today!