Tile Trends That Won’t Go Out of Style

When it comes to home decor, trends can come and go seemingly in the blink of an eye. Nobody, for instance, still wants the avocado colored kitchen appliances that were so cutting edge in the 1970s! If you are planning to remodel your kitchen or bathroom in the near future, you will want to make sure the features you choose will stand the test of time. Tile is one option that can look great forever if it is done correctly. Take it from the professionals at Tiles Gone Wild and check out these tile trends that won’t go out of style. 

Choose neutral hues

Because tile is a bit of a pricier option and is a process to remove, it is usually best to avoid trendy colors that will go out of style within a year or two. Instead, select neutral tiles that can serve as a backdrop to statement wall paint and accessories, both of which are much easier to change than tile. If you are worried that bright white tile will look too harsh in your space, remember that warm tans and all hues of grey are also neutral tones. 

Consider subway tile

Subway tile is one of the most classic tile options on the market. This style gets its name from the fact that it was, in fact, used in underground subway tunnels in major cities like Paris and New York. Today, subway tile can lend timeless appeal to any space. Although it is traditionally white, grey, black, and beige subway tiles have also started rising in popularity for residential use. This versatile tile can be used on bathroom walls, floors, showers, backsplashes, and nearly any other area you can think of. 

Go global to add color

If you are determined to use colorful tile in your space, the best way to ensure that it won’t look dated anytime soon is to get globally inspired. Moroccan and Spanish tiles, for instance, both tend to be very colorful, but don’t adhere to design trends that will soon go away. If, though, you are ready to get your project underway now, you can check with a local retailer like Tiles Gone Wild to see if they carry internationally inspired designs. 

Installing tile can be challenging, especially if you’ve never gone through the process before. Hiring a professional designer and installer is the best solution if you want to make sure you choose a timeless tile that will look great for a long time and have a professional installation quality. If you’re ready to make the switch to tile, check out the showroom at Tiles Gone Wild in Newburyport, MA!