Tips for Choosing the Best Type of Flooring for Your Home

bathroom floorDeciding to replace the flooring in your home is a big decision but deciding on what type of flooring you’re going to install next is an even bigger one. From demolition to the time it takes to install the new floor on top of product and labor costs, replacing flooring is an investment and it takes time. The last thing you want to deal with is hating your new flooring and having to start back at square one. Utilize our tips below to help you decide what type of flooring you should install in your home.

Consider the Room

When you’re selecting new flooring for your home, consider the room it’ll be installed in. What type of traffic does the room see? What activities happen in that room?

If you’re replacing the flooring in your kitchen, dining room, hallways, or bathroom, consider tile or resilient flooring. Both of these options are easy to clean and maintain and hold up beautifully over the years. For bedrooms, living rooms, and office spaces, carpet will give your space a cozy look. With the amount of time that’s spent playing on the floor with children and pets, you’ll be happy you’re kneeling on a soft material!

Keep Your Budget in Mind

When considering the different flooring options, always keep your budget in mind. Some flooring options and materials cost more than others and that’s before installation costs! Stick to looking at materials that are within your budget to ensure you don’t have to DIY the project. Before purchasing or committing to flooring, always get estimates from your contractor. This will give you an idea of what the total project costs will be to avoid any surprises.

What’s Your Style?

When picking materials, consider the current style of the room and what style you would like it to have. There are more traditional style flooring options out there if that’s the direction you want to go but there are also some amazing modern options as well. Bring samples home and see how they work in your space!

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