Tips for Designing a Kid-Friendly Bathroom

BathroomAs the smallest room in the house poses the largest challenge for both parents and children thanks to deep tubs, high vanities, and large toilets. During a bathroom renovation, parents are more inclined to install child-sized fixtures, but this can cause issues down the line when children are now teenagers or when reselling the home.

Here are our best tips for designing a bathroom that is kid-friendly:

Install a standard height toilet

Child-sized toilets seem like a great idea, especially when children are small and are potty training, but are impractical once children hit a growth spurt or when an adult needs to use the restroom. On the other hand, toilets that are too high will pose a huge issue with children, even with a step stool. A standard height toilet will be easy to reach for children and adults of all ages and are easily accessible with a step stool. Keep in mind the lid when you’re shopping around – a slam-proof or self-closing toilet seat will save you headaches over bathroom etiquette for years to come.

Install a taller vanity

Although it might sound silly, a vanity that is taller than the standard 30 inches will be beneficial in the future. As adults are now taller than they were 50 years ago, a 30-inch counter top can be awkward to reach over. Worst case scenario, your children have to utilize a stool until they have a growth spirt.

Select a kid-proof countertop

Materials such as marble, wood, and granite can stain and scratch easily and that’s not something parents want to worry about. Selecting a soapstone or quartz material will be low-maintenance, durable, and cost effective for parents.

Add personality with paint and accessories

Children aren’t going to appreciate a gorgeous lighting option or faucet as much as an adult would so keep those to a minimum and add personality to the space in a more creative way. Whether it’s creating a mosaic shower wall or bathroom surrounding, fun colored paint on the walls, or fish accessories, your child will love the design for years to come. Plus, paint and accessories are easier (and more cost effective) to switch out than fixtures.

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