Tips for Keeping Your Kitchen Sanitary

Kitchens are a high traffic area in the home, serving as a room that families not only gather in but also prepare meals every day. Because of these factors, the kitchen is an area that is essential to keep sanitary for the health of your family. Neglecting your kitchen could mean viruses or bacteria making their way into your family’s food and drinks, increasing your risk of illness. Check out these tips for keeping your kitchen sanitized!

Stop Germs at the Door

One of the best ways to keep your kitchen and entire home sanitary is to stop germs from getting far. Small steps like taking off your shoes & outerwear at the door can help! Your family should also wash their hands with soap and warm water upon coming home, and before eating or preparing food. It is also best to wash hands after handling raw meat, even if you are continuing to cook.

Sanitize Touch Surfaces

As a high traffic area, your kitchen’s touch surfaces will need frequent sanitation to remain clean. You will want to frequently wipe down your countertops, appliances, and cabinet & drawer hardware to keep them sanitary. Use antibacterial cleaning solutions that are safe for whatever material your counter, cabinet, and appliances are made of.

Regular Deep Cleaning

Conducting a deep cleaning of your kitchen can be intimidating. This involves wiping down the inside of your fridge, cleaning the inside of appliances, and the inside of cabinets. The truth is, the more frequently you “deep clean,” the less of a drawn-out process it will be. For example, cleaning your refrigerator regularly will stop old food from accumulating. This not only prevents clutter, but also prevents bacteria from growing on & around old foods.

Keep Your Floors Clean

Since our shoes track in a majority of germs, regularly cleaning your floors will help prevent the spread of infection in your home. How you clean your floors will depend largely on what material they are. Hardwood flooring will require wood cleaner, while some tiles are paired with specific tile cleaners. You will also have to be careful with resilient flooring not to get the material too wet, as it can peel. Tile floors are generally the lowest maintenance & the easiest to clean.

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