Why Porcelain Is Great For Bathrooms

porcelain floor tilesWhen remodeling a bathroom, it is important to make sure that you have the right tile that can accommodate the conditions of a bathroom. The most popular tile used for floors and showers of a bathroom is porcelain tile. This is because this type of tile is a better option than ceramic as it is more water and stain resistance. This is especially important for bathrooms as the water can get on the floor from the sink, toilet or even shower. Below are a couple of other reasons why porcelain is perfect for bathroom floors.

  • Toughness – Porcelain is perfect for heavy foot traffic as it is a dense type of tile as well as being very water resistant. This is perfect for bathrooms as they have a lot of foot traffic and is the most likely place in a home to have water spills.
  • Maintenance – Because of the smoothness of porcelain, it is very easy to clean this type of tile. Simply wiping with water or windex, in addition to vacuuming or sweeping, should get the job done. The only thing you need to avoid is using steel wool pads.
  • Reliability –  Since tiles for bathrooms will be in use constantly, it is important to pick a tile that is reliable. In addition to being stain resistant, porcelain tiles are also resistant to water, bacteria and odor. In addition to the functionality, porcelain gives homeowners variety as they come in all different shapes, colors and sizes. This comes in handy as you can customize your bathroom to your liking so you can bring out the personality of the room.

The only thing with porcelain tile is that it is very difficult to install. This is why we recommend you leave it to professionals to handle the installation. They can help you with every step and make sure everything is put in to place properly. If you have any questions please contact us for a quote on our services!